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An Article Mojo is a place where there is no bar of age limit a kid can think like adult and adult can think like kids.
Yes! a platform where you can share your knowledge of your opinion or your way of thinking in a form of article.
In this mojo, you are free to take any three topics of your choice which are listed below. Your article will win the contest on the basis of its uniqueness or the choice of chosen words. Your article can be in any form like storytelling, an informative or just an article.
So just take a notepad & your pen and, portrait your thoughts on paper. All the Best.

Contest Category
Spiral Biding
Web Development
Internet Security
History of Technologies
Spiral Biding
iPhone Vs Android
Imagination Vs Reality
Nature Vs Human
Youtuber Vs Bloggers
Spirituality Vs Science
Animation Vs Crafting
Spiral Biding
Creative Ideas
Motivation Story Telling
Social Media
Natural Powers
Windows Vs Mac

Contest Prizes

Travelling Bag
   1st Prize

Travelling Bag

Travel Thousands of mile without any stress, just make your journey smart by travelling bag.

Digital Wrist Watch
   2nd Prize

Digital Watch

Alarm Clock, Call reminder, Calories burned measuring, Camera remote control, Measurement of heart rate etc.

Weighing Machine
   3rd Prize

Weighing Machine

Four digitel lcd display with light, battery & temp Indicator in Screen, Body Design. Capacity : 150 Kg, accuracy (gm)

1st, 2nd or 3rd are just the positions, but here efforts of participation are also being counted. Yes, participation. Only through participation also you can win prizes by collecting coins. COINS is a form of reward which you can collect after the contest. These coins help you get the prize what you want. So just play. No worries of winning or losing you will get prizes in both cases.

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Poori Padhai
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